Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Accolade - page #2 complete

I finally finished the page for this project.  I'm not exactly thrilled with how it is turning out.  This is one of the original patterns for HAED and it only has 50 colors.  All their charts now have 90 colors at least.  They have since recharted this piece to have 90 colors but I have the original version of the chart.  While working on this page I've been tempted to stop and restart with the recharted design (I got the chart when they posted that they found an error on it.  I had already started this so I asked for a replacement chart.  That's when I found out they had recharted it because the replacement one didn't match what I had.) but I've but so much time already into the project it would seem like a waste of time, not to mention the fabric and threads already used.  I'm hoping it will look better once more is done.

reminder: 1x1 full on 25ct Aida

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